About Safety Groups

The Safety Group Program rewards firms that incorporate prevention measures into their daily business. The key idea behind the program is that a well-integrated workplace health and safety program makes good business sense. Firms from similar or different businesses volunteer to form a group with a collective purpose: to learn from each others’ experience in the implementation and continuous improvement of injury and illness prevention programs.


Safety Group members stand to gain:

- Healthy and Stable Workforce
- Access to Health & Safety Resources & Training Programs
- Enhanced Access to a Health and Safety Resource Network
- Increased Employee Morale
- Improved Quality
- Increased Productivity
- Improved Public Perception

Impact of Safety Groups since its inception

Over the past ten years the Safety Groups program has experienced significant growth throughout Ontario’s health and safety system. On a provincial basis more than 50 sponsors and hundreds of participating firms shared in a total rebate for the program in 2007 of over $45 million. The Safety Groups community now encompasses firms from all sectors and continues to benefit from the networking opportunities and the sharing of best practices during meetings. This involvement through regular meetings has improved and advanced each firm’s individual health and safety management system and assisted in eliminating workplace injuries.

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