At this time of year our Safety Group firms are patiently waiting for information on the 2016 Northern Ontario Safety Group rebate.  I am pleased to report that this information has just become available and the Northern Ontario Safety Group members will be sharing in a $1.810,112.55 rebate on Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premiums for the 2016 program year. 

In 2016, workplace injury statistics for the group, comprised of 74 Ontario businesses, showed a significant reduction in lost-time injury frequency of 12.20% and severity frequency reduction of 10:69%. These achievements along with the results of the 2016 validation audits resulted in a group rebate of 4.56 per cent out of a possible 6 per cent. 

This exceeds the 2015 rebate results where 75 business shared in a $1.6 million dollar rebate which represented group rebate of 4.05 per cent out of a possible 6 per cent.

These results are a true testament to the positive work of all complementing staff and their firms that contribute and continue to support our Northern Ontario Safety Group and improved health and safety program performance.

Safety Group - 2016 Results Safety Group
Rebate ($)
Safety Group
Premium ($)
Percentage of Premium Rebate
Northern Ontario Safety Group 1,810,112.55 39,695,451.81 4.56%


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