What is Safety Group Program?

Program Overview
The Northern Ontario Safety Group provides your organization with access to one of the most effective workplace health and safety resources in Ontario. Safety Groups is based on the idea that a well-integrated workplace health and safety program is good for business. Firms volunteer to join a Safety Group with a shared purpose: to learn from each other’s experience in implementing injury and illness prevention programs.

Firms that invest and implement effective health and safety programs can benefit from a WSIB financial incentive. The Northern Ontario Safety Group continues a long record of success. In January 2012, Ontario’s health and safety associations representing northern Ontario created a Northern Ontario Safety Group to better serve the needs of organizations in communities from Huntsville to the Manitoba border and we continue that tradition in 2018-19.

Membership and active participation in the Northern Ontario Safety Group will enable firms to become more self-reliant in carrying out their responsibilities in preventing workplace illnesses and injuries. The Northern Ontario Safety Group creates a dynamic opportunity for organizations to come together to share ideas and solve problems while taking advantage of the Health & Safety Ontario sponsor structure.

How the Program Works
At the start of the year, participating member firms select five safety elements they will initiate or improve upon, from a list provided by the WSIB; Firms must attend 3 mandatory meetings, a 4th safety group meeting will be workshop based and will provide an opportunity to review program material to ensure success.  At each meeting we share ideas and pool resources, learning from each other how to put these initiatives into place. At the end of the year the safety group can receive a rebate, based on the entire group’s success in implementing their safety elements. If all the firms complete all the required health and safety changes, the group will receive the full potential rebate.

Introduction to Auditor Training
The Introduction to Auditor Training is annually provided to Safety Group members to provide an introduction to the basic process of conducting an audit of your Health and Safety Management System to meet Safety Group program requirements. The free webinar is required to meet Advantage Program requirements however is available to all Northern Ontario Safety Group members.  Please register by providing your e-mail contact information through the following link (coming soon).

Introduction to Auditor Training
Webinar has been scheduled for April 24m 2019 at 1:30 p.m. EST

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